In addition to the open course library, at Superwits Academy we also provide paid training assistance to individuals preparing for certain specializations in Computer programming.

Training/Coaching is available in groups as well as for individuals. Training is available in following course:

  • Data Structures.
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithm.
  • Relational Database and SQL.
  • Python programming.
  • Computer Architecture.
  • Computer Networks
  • C Programming.
  • C++ Programming.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Cloudsim Simulation Toolkit .
  • Matlab.

Mode of Training:

  • Online(Hangout/Skype)
  • In-person

Trainers education & experience information is available on

In case you are interested in any of the above mentioned training program, you may connect with us through email or mobile available on CONTACT US page. OR if you wish to be contacted by our representative, then you may please submit your details in form provided below: