About Us

SuperWits Academy is a small initiative to openly share accumulated knowledge related to Computer Science & Information Technology. This basic idea behind SuperWits is to provide basic knowledge of practical concepts which is required for starting any of Computer Science or Information Technology subject. Also it will provide a path to go further up in levels of subject.

The access to information available on website will be available to everyone . More over if you like the content you can share it further but not without giving credit and referral links leading back to www.superwits.com.

SuperWits Academy is founded by Anupinder Singh. He is a Masters in Computer Science & Engineering and since 2008 he is engaged in teaching engineering students for their university curriculum. He's been training IT professional for different web based technologies. He believes anyone who is willing to learn will only require a good start in a right direction, and if it is provided at a right time, no one stops him to achieve an excellence.

“As a start-up we will be starting with basic subject matter, and as we grow with time we will be coming up with new and advanced concepts in a very structure manner. I hope Superwits Academy will benefit you in one or other way” – Anupinder Singh