CloudSimExample Step by Step Working

Post date: Apr 4, 2014 2:40:16 PM

Any Example that is provided in 'org.cloudbus.cloudsim.example' package provided in example folder of CloudSim project follows some standard steps to implement the specified configuration to start a simulation. To understand the working of CloudSim simulation framework, knowledge about these steps are must. There are eleven steps that are followed in each example with some variation in them, specified as follows:

  1. Set Number of users for current simulation. This user count is directly proportional to number of brokers in current simulation.
  2. Initialize the simulation, provided with current time, number of users and trace flag.
  3. Create a Data center.
  4. Create a Data center broker.
  5. Create a Virtual Machine(s).
  6. Submit Virtual Machine to Data center broker.
  7. Create Cloudlet(s) by specifying there characteristics.
  8. Submit Cloudlets to Data center broker.
  9. Send call to Start Simulation.
  10. Once no more event to execute, send call to Stop Simulation.
  11. Finally print the final status of the Simulation.

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