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posted Apr 4, 2014, 6:08 AM by Anupinder Singh   [ updated Mar 4, 2017, 6:48 PM ]
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Before you start working on CloudSim project you first need to configure it correctly. As this Cloudsim simualtion toolkit is developed using java language, you can use any IDE that supports java language development environment like netbeans, eclipes etc. This Cloudsim Tutorial will help you to setup it up using Eclipse IDE.

Here We have used Eclipse Java IDE to configure CloudSim simulation toolkit. Following video demonstrates how to configure CloudSim 3.0.3 on ECLIPSE Java IDE.

Download & Configure CloudSim on Eclipse

NOTE: In case your are not able to view video on this page Click Here.

To configure/setup Cloudsim Simulation Toolkit(version 3.0.3) in ECLIPSE Java IDE follow following steps :

Step 1: Open Eclipse Java IDE and open File > New > Java Project. It will open a Dialog box named 'New Java Project'

Create a new Java project

Step 2: In following dialog, enter 'Project Name' > uncheck 'Use Default Location' > browse the path of your cloudsim simulation toolkit unzipped folder and then Click NEXT.

Enter Name and browse the path of existing unzipped cloudsim simulation toolkit

Step 3:  To successfully configure CloudSim Simulation toolkit we have to download a file named '', this file can be downloaded from '' and extract 'commons-math3-3.6.1.jar'. 


Step 4: In following dialog box go to 'Libraries' tab. Here to add 'commons-math3-3.6.1.jar' we have to click on 'Add External Jar' and then browse the path on which you have downloaded 'commons-math3-3.6.1.jar' file. Add it to the list by clicking on open

Add External Jar

Browse Commons-math3-3.6.1.Jar file

Step 5: Finally click on 'Finish' button. After which eclipse will automatically build your this CloudSim project.

Click on Finish button


All required resources can be downloaded below mentioned links: 

Cloudsim Project Link: or